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Monday, February 20, 2012

Heads-Up: Free Read - Divergent by Veronica Roth

(Go HERE for blurb and my review)

Haven't read Divergent?  Well, here's your chance.  Thanks to Harper Teen you can read it HERE for free!  How cool is that?! 

Thanks Lisa @ Lisa's Loves (Books of Course) for the heads-up. :)


  1. Hi, Jimky, I just got off the phone with an Amazon technician. He said Remy is there and will always be there and that you should follow Amazon's instructions and re-download. (He said the only way you can delete the book is if you go to Amazon's Kindle page and physically delete the book.) However, if you have a problem or are nervous, you should call Amazon so they can access your account. Really hope this helps. And I'm really sorry for the problem with Amazon!

  2. Thanks so much! Is that the entire book or just part of it?

  3. ~Thanks Kittie ..problem solved. :)
    ~Shirley --it looks like the entire book! Nice.

  4. its not the entire book. It stops at 115 then proceeds on the author's interview and some facts about th factions. :'( *dismay*


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