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Monday, February 27, 2012

RAK Giveaway Hop Winner!

My sweet little girl has been sick since Friday so time was even more limited in getting a winner announced. As I mentioned before, I was overwhelmed at the immense response to the RAK question I posed and needed more time to go through the replies. Wow, I was touched by the wonderful random acts of kindness that was noted. It's humbling and certainly wonderful to know that good people are out there!  I wish I could write them all down for you.  In general, there were many kindness done towards the elderly, surprise treats/chores done for their family/roommates, and simple to complex stories about kindness to strangers, $50 tip for no reason!  Someone mentioned blood magic ..I don't know what that is ..hmm.  Oh, one shared a website that I thought was pretty cool ..

Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful acts of kindness.  I have been inspired and look forward to doing more random acts of kindness.

Okay, now for the winner ...

Using the services of, the winner of my RAK Giveaway Hop is
Paul T.

Congratulations Paul!  Your prize, a book of your choice from The Book Depository (up to $12), is yours if you reply within 72hrs to the email I sent you or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you to all those who entered and for the follows when you didn't have to.  You are awesome!! :)


  1. congrats :D
    please read:

  2. Jinky, I hope your little girl is feeling better and smiling happily once again. It's tough seeing the little ones feeling poorly.

    What a wonderful thing YOU did, accentuating how kindness is contagious. The responses you received really warmed the heart, especially that generous tip. I think most people want to take care of their families, have a decent job, and have a bit of free time to enjoy. Acts of kindness bring smiles all the time, but especially when life's challenges threaten.

  3. Thanks Kittie, my lil girl is about 90% back to normal but her lil brother caught it :( --Thanks for your wonderful thoughts on RAKs. :)

  4. Hi Jinky, Many thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway.

    Since installing Google Chrome I seem to be missing lots of the blogs I followed so I've resigned up with them, I hope this doesn't cause any problems.

    Unable to Tweet about the giveaway I hope that you don't mind that i've posted on the comp/giveaway page on my blog as well as on my FB page.

    Good luck everyone.


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