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Monday, February 20, 2012

Must Read Monday: No Country for Old Men

Here's a meme that's quite fun and clever .. Must Read Monday by Fans of Fiction. Go HERE for details and to join the fun.

This week's topic: A character you love to hate.

My answer (part 1):  I originally chose Steve from "The Gift" by Richard Paul Evans because it was fresh on my mind last week when this topic was suppose to be up ... 

Steve was the female protagonist's ex-husband.  A self-centered shallow man.  A man with no scruples.  He definitely gets my dander up!  Grrr!!!

The Gift

(My review)    

So sad and frustrating to hear
That this type of guy roams the
Earth.  He's a louse to attempt to capitalize on his dying son!
Very selfish and no scruples indeed.
Eggs, I'd like to throw eggs at him (okay, maybe something else).  ;)

My answer (part 2):  ...but "The Gift" wasn't really a must read yet I left it posted here because I already did the acrostic and liked it.  Anyways, I then remembered Chigurh, a character from McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men" and thought it more fitting!  Please see my review for details.  This man definitely was disturbing!!!

No Country for Old Men

(My Review)



  1. Good job on both! I haven't read either. I think I've seen bits of the movie. What other E things would you like to throw at Steve? :)
    -Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

  2. Nice acrostics! I haven't read these books either, but they both sound very interesting.

  3. Thanks ladies. --What other things I wanted to throw at Steve didn't start with an E. ;)

  4. Cunning, Horrific, Intense, Gruesome, Ugly, Repulsive,Hideous - he certainly sounds like a memorable character.

  5. Great suggestions, Jinky. I wish, tho, I could dive into "No Country for Old Men" but my tummy gets squeamish with some of this creepy stuff. But I have a friend who loves the creepier the better. She says it's great fun!

    I was so relieved to read you'd gotten Remy downloaded properly. And I lit up like a Christmas tree when you said you enjoyed it. Thanks, Jinky! Hugs!


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