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Friday, August 10, 2012

Brief Reviews: Playaway Edition

I'm so behind with reviews.  These were read last month!  My memory's not that great so going into detail is just not going to happen.  Hence, here's the short and sweet version. :)

The Litigators by John Grisham, AF, 2011, Playaway digital audio,  11.5hrs, rating=4
Source: library

Small time lawyers Finley and Figg were going to finally play with the big guys with the help of recently hired to their firm, Harvard graduate, David Zinc.  Boy, did they play!

Fabulous read! It had drama, comedy, and suspense. Wonderful characters.  Now I see the fondness for Grisham.

Calico Joe by John Grisham, AF, 2012, Playaway digital audio, 4.5hrs, rating=4
Source: library

Oh wow, brace your heart.  Here I discovered a shocking baseball practice (at least to me) but whoa, did that story exemplified moral qualities that father-son can learn from.  Sad story but redemptive too.

Awesome quick read!

The Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler, AF, 2012, Playaway digital audio, 6.5hrs, rating=3
Source: library

I imagine that losing a spouse would be downright devastating.  Saying goodbye just wouldn't be in the vocabulary.  Certainly Aaron wasn't prepared to let go of his wife Dorothy or vice versa (as illustrated by seeing her apparition) but he had no choice.  He did however use this grieving period of time to reflect on their marriage and hence invited the readers to ponder about living for the moment.  Thought provoking read if you read between the lines.

Taken, Elvis Cole #13, by Robert Crais, AF, 2012, Playaway digital audio, 8hrs, rating=2.5
Source: library

Tough topic of human trafficking here so it involved some rough language and violence.  Not my usual cup of tea.  I did like Elvis and Joe's tight friendship and loyalty.  Since this is book #13, they must go way back.  Nice to read that they remained faithful to their friendship.  That's a good take out!

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