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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Creepy Hallow book #4 by Rachel Morgan, YA, 2012, 72p, rating=3.5
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Betrayed by the guy who supposedly loved her, Violet deals with her anger and hurt by teaming up with her archrival Ryn to help him find his missing sister. Hanging out with Ryn isn’t high on Vi’s list of things to do, but she kind of owes him after he inconveniently saved her life recently. As the two of them struggle to put their differences aside, they find themselves drawn into a plot much greater than a single missing child. A plot with Violet herself at the center. (Goodreads)

This series is turning out to be a book soap opera guilty pleasure (without the smut).  I am hooked!  Ms. Morgan can weave and tell a captivating story.  Oddly enough, I'm not a great fan of Violet, the main protagonist, but the people surrounding her sure makes her life interesting and therefore the read quite entertaining.  This time around, we find out more about Ryn, her supposed arch rival.  We discover that he has a soft spot.  A great reminder that what you see of a person may just be the shell and the core could very well be completely different.  There seems to be plenty of that going around throughout this series so far.  It's part of the attraction of the read.  You're initially lead to believe that a person is one way and later turns out another.  Moreover, with all the twist and turns going on, one can't help but think that a double twist will come next so then you'll have to pick up the next book to find out if you're right.  That's where this series teeters for me.  The installments are short reads as well as the wait for the sequels but at the same time, I scream, "Give it to me all at once!".  If the writing was awful, I'd chuck it but Ms. Morgan's writing is bewitching!  I would urge her to compose a full novel.  I'd read it.

All in all, this is a fun and sassy series.  One that's designed and best to read in order.

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  1. Thank you!!
    BTW, I have written a novel in the YA fantasy genre (is 400 pages long enough? Hehe ;-) ) but it needs a lot of work before it's publication-ready :-)


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