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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Confessions

It's been awhile since I've done one of these.  I like this week's topic so I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

This week's topic:  Bookish Confessions

(random order)

  1. I use to not read the blurb when I browse the library for books.  I judge by the cover and thickness of the book.  I know pretty awful!  I'm getting better.
  2. I use to dog ear library books when a certain passage hits me (lame excuse but when I first saw dog ears to several library books, I thought it was okay ..really, I was a book reading newbie).  Now I see that it's torture to books!  I've long since stopped and felt guilty at ever doing it.
  3. I use to review a book the day I finish it.  Now I go as far as a month before I write a review.  I don't like it.  I want to go back to writing a review right away but my time management skills are terrible.
  4. I suck at understanding poetry (same might apply to some classics).  That said it makes me think I'm not sophisticated or smart.
  5. It often takes me 3hrs to write a review!  Even the two measly paragraphs.  I get caught up at ascertaining the perfect concise words.
  6. I wish I could speed read ..and still comprehend what I'm reading.
  7. There have been a few times when my kids have gone without their baths or had super late dinners so that I could read or write a review.
  8. I didn't believe in memes at first but here I am filling my blog with them ..but I am choosy.
  9. I'm a Kindle freebie addict!  The more saving from the original price, the bigger thrill.  Hence, I usually will not get the book if the original price is less than $2 (unless highly recommended).
  10. I get a kick at seeing my "read" shelf on Goodreads grow!  At first I would add picture books there but I thought it was "cheating" so I stopped doing it and deleted them from my shelf.


  1. I try to review books the same day I finish them as well but with my last two books I reviewed it took me a lot longer. I also have the hardest time understanding Poetry unless it's written by Ellen Hopkins so I'd reccomend reading her books if you'd like to read use to understand poetry.

  2. #3 It takes me a long time to write reviews too. I've stayed up way too late to get some of them written. It reminds mw of those late in nights in college writing a paper the day before the paper is due.

    #6 I don't know how some people can speed read. It blows my mind when readers say they finished a book in 2 hours when it took me a day or two. How do they do that?

  3. I don't get poetry either. How do people analyze the words??? :)

    I used to review books on the same day as well but now I kind of let myself ponder over my thoughts before I write anything.

    Great list! :D

  4. I'm not great with poetry either. And I don't think adding picture books is cheating.

  5. I have to write my book discussions before I start the next book. Otherwise, I forget how much I loved or hated the book.

  6. Thanks everyone for stoppin' by:
    --Lily: OK I'll have to try E. Hopkins, thanks!
    --Joli: I suppose if we took speedreading class we'd know how they did it! Oh but finding the time! ;)
    --Janus: Poetry ..ugh! Pondering okay but with me, time just gets away and if I'm not careful I've forgotten the book!
    --Alexis: OK, good to know picture books. ;)
    --Tanya: You're right! That's why I want to get on the ball!!


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