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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Filipino Friday: What Species of Book Reader Are You?

Yay, Filipino Friday is back!  ~Yeah I know, it's Thursday ... but it's already Friday in the Philippines!! :)

(Go HERE to join the fun!)

This week's topic:  Introductions. Instead of the usual introductions that we have down in the past two years, we will answer this question: What Species of Book Reader Are You?, based on this infographic by Laura E. Kelly.

(click here not image)

My answer:
Here are the main ones I fall under.  Yet there were snippets here and there that could have described me and most were totally not me (like the "Prestige" or "Haters" category)!

The Hoarder:  Love books so much that you collect them by the dozens.  You seldom have time to read all of the books that you collect.  And now it's worse with ebooks.

"It's Complicated" Reader: You are a combination of these things and yet completely different, too.  You refuse to be defined or categorized.  Beg, borrow, steal, devour. And do it all again.

(lately) No-Time-To-Read Reader: Between kids, work, and fatigue simply can no longer find the time to read.


  1. :) Happy Filipino Friday, Jinky! I'm definitely an "It's Complicated" myself! Here's
    my post. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Jinky! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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