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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck

Mary Had A Sleepy Sheep by Julia Dweck, Wilson Williams Jr. -Illustrator, YR, 2013, Kindle edition ebook, 25p, Rating=2
Source: own --free on Amazon

Young Mary had a little lamb.
His name was Sheppard sheep,
And everywhere that Mary went
That sheep was sure to sleep.
This is not your average Mother Goose nursery rhyme. In this hilarious parody, poor Mary has one very sleepy, slumbering, snoozing sheep named Sheppard and Mary’s mom is not happy.
Can Mary can keep her sleepy sheep awake?
Young readers will laugh along at Mary’s zany attempts, as she tries everything from spicy-hot fiestas to water fights. The humor is fast and fun in this easy to read rhyming adventure.

This is a parody to the well known nursery rhyme, Mary Had A Little Lamb.  However, I didn't care for this rendition. I liked the animated illustrations, the activity page at the end of the book (and find Whiskers challenge), and overall cute premise; but the part when the mother kicked the sheep out of the bed did not sit well with me (it was a very harsh depiction).  It was early in the book and it set an unpleasant tone to my read.  I also felt that some of the rhymes did not flow quite right.  Although, it seems that I'm in the minority.  Thus far this book has received mainly 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  I don't see it.

The Kindle edition ebook is still available for free on Amazon so those who have a Kindle can download it.  If you do, let me know what you think.

Follow the link below to download:

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