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Sunday, October 11, 2009


From: Preach My Gospel; Ch 3, Lesson 1

From the beginning God, our Heavenly Father, set a pattern of revealing the gospel (God's plan for us to be successful in this life and to return to live with Him) to prophets, men who has been called by and speaks for God. At periods of time people have chosen to reject the prophets and the gospel and so spiritual darkness occurs and God withdraws His authority to administer the Church. Because of such darkness the fullness of the gospel have been distorted. Many good men, such as John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and John Calvin, protested practices of the existing church of their time, which they felt needed to be reformed. However, as previously mentioned, God withdraws His authority to administer the Church so a reformation of an existing church was not what was needed but a restoration of the true church! The Christian world was blessed by the courage and vision of these reformers and also teachings of other religious leaders have helped many people become more civil and ethical, such as Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed. However, when the circumstances were right, Heavenly Father once again reached out to His children in love and called Joseph Smith as a prophet. Through Joseph, the true church was once again restored in the earth. This church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Our prophet today is the president of this church, Thomas S. Monson. Yes, we have a prophet today! That's awesome!!!

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