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Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Shanghai Girls"

by Lisa See, 2009, 309pgs, rating=4
I have mix feelings about this book. Started off interesting enough then about quarter into the book I found something disturbing. I contemplated if I should go on reading. I did with hopes that there would be a happy ending. Well, the remainder of the book was again interesting and when I finally got to the end last night, I heard myself say out loud, "What?!". I suppose I'm not fond of endings that leave you hanging. However, after the initial shock I thought it was a proper ending after all, plus it gave room to add a sequel if the author chooses to do so. Anyway, this is a good sister book. It's a wonderful story of a great bond sisters have for one another. This book also depicts a culture that is full of tradition, zodiac roots, and family honor. It contains awesome love stories between parents and children (particularly between mothers and daughters), husbands and wives, and country ties. Another book that reminds people that war can bring forth collateral damages.
This is an overall good book. I would recommend this to you.

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