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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"The Christmas List"

by Richard Paul Evans, 2009, 349p, rating=5

Mr. Evans did it again!  He made me cry!!  I'm such a sucker for stories about people changing for the better.  He did this along the like of A Christmas Carol and launched it by the main character discovering his obituary in his local paper while still alive!  James Kier wasn't sure whether to laugh or sue.  Well, he discovers more in the paper's website ... comments about what they really felt about him.  No shocker, it was mainly unkind.  I certainly didn't like the man as first described.  So what does James do now?  He sees what they see in him and agrees.  That's not the legacy he wanted so he seeks out for redemption.

The characters are amazingly you and me.  Every character had a purpose to put depth into the story.  This truly is incredibly heart warming and a treasure find!

***My quoteables:
"We all get lost sometimes.  The trick is to believe that we're worth finding." pg 20
"We've both left a trail of suffering in our wake, and we both got a glimpse of our legacy before we died." pg 123
"We humans--at least some of us, are seriously flawed.  The things that are the most necessary, the most critical to us, are the things we take most for granted.  Air. Water. Love.  If you have someone to love, you are lucky.  If they love you back, you're blessed.  And if you waste the time you have to love them, you're a fool." pg 29

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