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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Twinkle Twinkle"

by Kaori Ekuni, translated by Emi Shimokawa, 2003, 170p, rating=2

Call me simple minded (though I'd prefer naive) but I didn't get this book!  It's the wackiest book I've read yet!  There must be something Japanese that I missed ... in their culture, literature, or a comedy show... that would make this an Oh, I get it moment.  I don't know.  It wasn't poorly written, just down right wacky! 

Oddly enough, I did have a take out on this, so that calls for an extra point in rating.  Well, marriage calls for a union between two people that have their own set of personalities, quirks, and such.  These two would now have to figure a way to blend these differences to live in some sort of harmony.  Compromises, sacrifices, patience, acceptance, etc. then come to play.  That's what happened for Mutsuki and Shoko, just in a seemingly hilarious turn of events.  Strange, I tell ya, strange... 

Book's synopsis:
"As it turned out, the only way to make their parents get off their backs about trying to 'find someone' was actually finding someone--with whom to put on a marriage for show.  Mutsuki is strictly gay and has a boyfriend, while Shako is a clinical case of emotional instability who's in no shape for a relationship.  They've each found in the other a perfect partner for a sham marriage.  Since the conspirators' parents know of their own child's undesirability, but not the spouse's, the union manages to please them.  And while the newlyweds hope, in their own way, to live happily ever after, they inevitably come face to face with the fact that no marriage, real or staged, is a fairy tale."

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