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Thursday, December 9, 2010

"The Walk"

by Richard Paul Evans, AF, 2010, 289p, rating=4

Mr. Evans write stories that tug at the heartstrings so it's no surprise that I like his books. This one definitely has that Richard Paul Evans signature of really bad things happen but there's a light at the end of the tunnel so move on philosophy of life.  I suppose such stories amuse me because I need a reminder that life can suck at times but it's up to me to keep it that way or not ... or perhaps to bring to mind that my troubles are nothing compared to these possible miseries.

Oh boy, did it rain miseries for Alan Christoffersen!  It was looking great at first.  A lucrative business, a best-friend wife, and a luxurious lifestyle.  Of course, something really bad happens and things got ugly.  So he did a Forest Gump.  But instead of running, Alan decided to walk.  The set 3,000+ miles journey was from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida.  This book got him as far as about 300 miles.  This is because with any journey, there will be obstacles to overcome.  Plus, this is the first book of its series so it made sense to leave some miles for the other books. =)

I enjoyed the characters in this book.  I liked many of the relationships that were developed or developing.  I admired the love story between Alan and his wife, McKale.  I liked Falene's loyalty and tenderness.  I liked Good Samaritans that Alan crossed in his journey so far.  But there were also characters that I disliked but enriched the storyline.  In character building, Mr. Evans created believable people, however predictable.

This was a quick read, no-brainer book with a heart.  Just the kind I needed to read to try to get me out of this reading slump! 

I'm not waiting on pins and needles for the sequel to come in April of next year, but I will certainly read it.

My quote-ables:
"You can tell a lot about a man by watching how he treats those he doesn't have to be nice to." pg 125.
"For the record, I didn't fear dying.  I feared almost dying.  They're not the same thing." pg 168.
"The thing is, the only real sign of life is growth.  And growth requires pain.  So to choose life is to accept pain." pg 217.

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