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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Readercon Filipino Friday: Week 4

(Go HERE for details & participants)

This week's question:
Do you read Filipino literature? If you do, tell us your favorite books by Filipino authors and name a few that you'd like to recommend to fellow readers.  If you don't read much Filipino lit, then tell us why.

My answer:
I don't read much Filipino literature because my main source of books is my local library (here in the U.S.A.) so I'm limited to Filipino lits that make it there.  So far a whopping three books that I can recall:  Butterfly People by Robin Lim (this book was actually a gift from my brother), Tall Story by Candy Gourlay, and Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco.  All of which I enjoyed.  ~Oh, I also had another book by Bo Sanchez that was given to me by my brother but my aunt borrowed it and haven't seen it since (this was back in March, I think).

This horrid stat is a wake up call to head on over to my Filipino Goodreads group and check out some recommendations and hope some of them are in my library.  And of course now I can get some from those of you answering this meme.  Perhaps if there's a must read then I might invest in purchasing it.  :)


  1. have read and posted on my blog on these works by Filipino Authors

    . Barefoot in the Fire:A Manila WWII Childhood by Barbara Gamboa Lewis

    Adventures of a Child of War by Lin Acacio-Flores

    Songs of Ourselves: Writings by Filipino Women by Elizabeth Manlapaz

    Pinay Autobiographical Narratives by Women Writers-1928 to 1998 edited by Christina Hidalgo

    Living with the Enemy: A Diary of the Japanese Occupation by Pacita Pestano-Jacinto

    The Tobacco Monopoly in the Philippines 1766 to 1880 by Ed. C De Jesus

    plus three short stories
    "Metropolis" by Crystal Koo
    "Magnificence" by Estella Afon
    "The Servant Girl" by Estella Afon

  2. Thank you Mel. I'll look into those. :)

  3. sad isn't it? i am the same way. thank goodness for this question, i can add on to my list!

  4. Hi, Jinky! I understand your predicament. Sadly, few Filipino books reach other shores. But if you have a Kindle or even just the Kindle app, there are more Filipino books on Amazon now and itunes. Our company published a few of them.:)

  5. Tall Story was wonderful, wasn't it? I keep recommending that to anyone who asks for Filipino YA books. I just hope more authors start writing Filipino YA because there's a market for it. I don't get to read a lot of Filipino fiction either but I'm hoping to read more with the recommendations from these Filipino Friday posts.

  6. @aloi --mabuhay to Filipino Friday!!

    @fantaghiro23 --No Kindle or smart phone. You say iTunes ..thru iPod touch? You can get a book that way? I'm not mobile techy savvy. --Sounds like you work for an awesome company!

    @Chachi --yes, loved Tall Story! --will put what we all come up with on my tbr. :)


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