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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sharing Some Mail Giddiness: Sundays at Tiffany's

I get all giddy when I receive a book in the mail, so I thought I'd give you an opportunity to experience some giddiness too by offering a chance to win a book from my once-read books. This will be a weekly giveaway so come back each week ..maybe one will catch your fancy!

Here's how to enter:

1.Must be a follower of this blog.
2.U.S.A. address only.
3.Leave a comment providing an email address to contact you.

That's it! Contest ends 11/21/11 11:59 PST. Winner announced next Tuesday.

Good luck!

This book was just okay.  I just fell too hard for the movie version and this was a rare occasion when the book wasn't better.  This is a hardcover copy. :)

As a little girl, Jane has no one. Her mother Vivienne Margaux, the powerful head of a major New York theater company has no time for her. But she does have one friend--Michael--and no one can see him but her. But Michael can't stay with Jane forever, and on her eighth birthday, her imaginary friend must leave her.
When Jane is in her thirties, working for her mother's company, she is just as alone as she was as a child. Her boyfriend hardly knows she's there and is more interested in what Vivienne can do for his career. Her mother practically treats her as a slave in the office, despite the great success of Jane's first play, "Thank Heaven." Then she finds Michael--handsome, and just the same as she remembers him, only now he's not imaginary. For once in her life, Jane is happy--and has someone who loves her back. But not even Michael knows the reason behind why they've really been reunited. (Goodreads)
Go HERE for my review.


  1. Thanks! I have many students who are big Patterson fans -- they will read anything he writes, so this would be a great addition to our library.

    annettesspot (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Thats it I'm moving to America. What a generous offer, good luck to all those who enter

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! It loks like a great win and something I would definitely have all of my daughters read. - Kathy

  4. Thanks for the offer!


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