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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Christmas Jars Reunion"

by Jason F. Wright, AF, 2009, 194p, rating=4
source: library

Hope Jensen's story continues in Christmas Jars Reunion. It's been two years since Hope was reunited with her biological mother on Christmas Eve at Chuck's Chicken n Biscuits. Hope has never felt more complete. She's writing full- time for a family magazine and, with the help of her mother, Marianne, leading the Christmas Jars Ministry out of Chuck's quirky restaurant. To top it off, she's dating a marketing executive in a comfortable long- distance relationship. Her life is right where she wants it to be a state of organized chaos as another Christmas rolls around. Then her world changes forever over Thanksgiving weekend. The Maxwells hire a nephew to take over the family furniture restoration business. Someone that Hope can't stop thinking about. Then an out- of- town stranger shows up at the diner asking to help in the ministry --a stranger whose motives are yet unclear. Before the sun sets on Christmas Day, two men will try to change Hope's life forever. In the process, Hope will be reminded of the immense power of a single jar, and the healing that sometimes comes only with forgiveness. (Goodreaads)

I thought I was going to pick up Christmas Jars, the first book, but it turned out that my library didn't have it.  They had this second installment instead.  I was bummed but I went ahead and checked this out anyway.  It didn't disappoint.  It gave enough background of what I assumed happened in the first book to keep me up to date.  A bit repetitive but I let it slide because the book as a whole was heartwarming and I'm a sucker for heartwarming stories!  Although it wasn't awesome writing, the power of the message of the Christmas jars, making miracles, stood out and moved me. 

The put your loose coins in a jar idea isn't new to me.  Our family did one for our local Ronald McDonald House last year (collection over 3mos) as a service that our Primary (children organization of the LDS church) set up.  I'm just sorry that we ended there.  This book reminded me that we ought to take it up again and so we shall!  We'll discuss as a family a time line and recipient.  Yeay, I'm excited!  Hence, if a book can inspire one to action then it's a pretty good book ..or the reader's a softy. ;)


  1. That's strange they have a 2nd book and not the first.
    Glad you enjoyed it though

  2. For a book to inspire like this is good.

    Perfect reading for any Christmas reading challenge I may do this December, I'll be sure to make a note of it, thanks for the recommendation.


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