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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


by Rachel Morgan, Creepy Hollow #2, YA, 2012, ebook, 70p, rating=3
Source: received from author in exchange for honest review

Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale has officially been suspended for bringing a human into the fae realm. No assignments, no training, and goodbye to that position at the top of the class. While this sucks, it at least allows her time to secretly keep visiting Nate, the human boy who caused her suspension in the first place. It’s not the wisest move to continue breaking Guild Law, but no one’s going to find out. And Nate is worth the risk, isn’t he?
To prevent herself from going into assignment withdrawal, Vi throws herself into investigating Nate’s real mother, Angelica, a woman who seems to be mysteriously connected to the world of the fae. Nate’s never given her much thought, but that was before an insane faerie abducted him in order to blackmail Angelica out of hiding. Now Nate wants answers, and Vi’s got the perfect ability to help him.

In this installment, we discover Violet's unique gift and indeed it comes in handy.  Timely too since Nate needs to find his mom and Violet's itching to work on an assignment.  The little detail that she's been suspended doesn't seem to phase her ..she's tough like that.  Okay, maybe having the opportunity to stick around Nate longer might have been the clincher.  Whatever the motive, she's out on another adventure that would surely get her in deep doodoo.

There was a lot of banter between Violet and Nate that was cute but borderline annoying.  It wasn't until chapter five that things stirred for me.  I should have seen it coming but I was glad that I didn't because knowing more about Nate then was a fun discovery.  It made for an exciting read thereafter.

I did notice that there was a flip-flop-ish characteristic to Violet.  One moment she gets things done and other times she was unsure.  She pleads often that her magic works.  I'd like to see her be consistently confident because she presents herself to be a take charge, tough young woman but when she is found several times saying, "please, please" just doesn't exude that.  Granted she is a trainee, so sure there's going to be rough edges to her powers but I just got the sense that certain powers work in convenience and not for the building up of strength in Violet's character.  And as for Nate, he's playing the banter game and fairly low key for the moment so there is some intrigue there.

The puzzle is coming together and the tease continues.  One just have to like or be patient enough to read in interruptions.  Overall, this was a good follow-up to the first book. 


  1. ...surely get her in deep doodoo. Haha!

    Thanks for the review.

  2. You're welcome Rachel! --Reminds me, got to check to see if the 3rd book is out ..want to see what happens next. :)


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