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Saturday, June 2, 2012


by Rachel Morgan, Creepy Hollow book #3, YA, 2012, ebook, 60p, rating=3.5
Source: provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Violet and Nate may have escaped the labyrinth, but only one of them came out unscathed. Nate is now the bearer of a mysterious eye-shaped tattoo, a mark he has no memory of receiving. While Vi is intent on discovering the meaning of the tattoo, Nate seems less interested. His experience in the labyrinth has caused recurring nightmares, and he’d prefer to pretend none of it ever happened. But Vi has never been one to let a mystery go unsolved, and she’ll do whatever she can to discover who’s behind the tattoo—even if it means leaving Nate out of her plan. (Goodreads)

This installment began calmly with Violet being back to the training center.  There we meet and get more scoop on her fellow competitors as well.  But Violet was still troubled about Nate's mysterious tattoo so things were going to get rattled again.  Vi just can't seem to help but secretly venture to find answers.  As might be expected, she's in for a shocking surprise which means so does the reader!  A staple now with this series and part of the hook.  Hence, just when you think you've gotten the answer, that answer leads to more questions and excitement.  Awesome! 

The romance between Violet and Nate was sweet in this sequel and I liked it (no banter!).  They finally get their first date and share their special sentimental place with each other.  Up until the cliffhanger of course!  Aahhh!!!  And the next installment won't be out until July (but beats waiting a year)!  Oh Ms Morgan, I might have to hunt you down after all ..just kidding!

Okay, now I've jumped in the bandwagon and have come to appreciate novelette series.  This one is a good one and well written.  Give it a try but I highly recommend starting from the beginning.

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  1. Thank you for the review! And thank you, once again, for not hunting me down ;-)


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