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Monday, October 28, 2013

Author-Book Profile: The Afterlife of Trinity Rose by Amy Armbruster

Please welcome Ms. Amy Armbruster and her latest book, The Afterlife of Trinity Rose.  This fairly new off the "e-press" (10/23/13) paranormal romance book sounds intriguing.  A 5 star review on Amazon thus far so it's at least worth checking out.  :)

Amy Armbruster has always enjoyed writing and now she loves to share her stories with her readers. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her immediate and extended family. She has many interests including ghost hunting, antiquing, cemetery exploring, shopping with her daughter, and amateur photography.

Her current Paranormal Romance titles include Whispering Coves, Devon’s Curse, Sisters Forevermore, and Death Becomes Me: Murder In Paradise. Her Christian Romance is God's Hands. Keep a look out for her next Christian Romance novel, In God’s Golden Time and for more paranormal romance novels to be released in the years to come!

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It started out like any other Friday night for Trinity Rose; she was in a rush to return home after a long day of work. Her mind was on a million other things besides the curvy road she knew all too well. But this night, didn't end with Trinity arriving home to prepare for a date with a stranger. For once, this all too familiar road didn't lead her home or to the life she knew; instead, it led her to her afterlife.

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  1. Now that's a road I'd rather not take, but I might want to see how Trinity handles it.

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