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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Taking December Off

This is what I want for Christmas massage in Hawaii!!  A girl can dream ...sigh.

Balancing "real" life with the commitments of book blogging have been doing a number on me again so, I need to step back and take a breather.  The plan is to take December off from blogging and book review requests (though I have a prescheduled post this week).  I'm hoping it's enough time to fully evaluate and develop a plan for the future of this blog.  Ergo, I'll see you next year!

Have a great month and a very Merry Christmas (don't be surprise if I sneak a post on Christmas day too ..I foresee missing you too much)!!

Lub ya'll,


  1. Enjoy your time off! This month will for me will be a time to catch up on my last minute reads. And would be amazing to have a spa treatment in Hawaii.

    My Wrap-up post

  2. Hope you enjoy your online hiatus. :)


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