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Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: The Dreamosphere by Laura Stoddard

The Dreamosphere by Laura Stoddard, YR, 2014, Softcover, 201p, My Rating: 4
Source: provided by publicist in exchange for an honest review

What if dreams don’t disappear when we wake up? Haunted by her younger sister’s death, and her unwitting role in the incident, 11-year-old Gwenevere Stoker takes solace in the Dreamosphere—a dimension where all dreams still exist. But when someone begins destroying her dreams, Gwen must find the culprit—or risk losing all her happiness forever. Bask in the mystery and imagination of dreams in this touching, funny, mind-bending children’s tale that encompasses themes of grief, friendship, family, healing, and grand adventure!

Now here’s a fantasy novel that parents wouldn’t mind their middle schoolers reading. It was imaginative, fascinating, and substantial. There was a feel of originality to the story that made for an exciting read. The mystery it presented in the beginning had me hooked, the plot had me lined, and the sinker came at the end. Although, I was able to guess who the “bad” guy was and the potential hero at the end, I was surprised at why; so that was a delightful discovery.

This was a fun quick read.  I was immersed in Gwen's story because I liked that the dream world tied well with the real world.  There was a lot of heart in the evolution of the tale and that provided room for lessons that the readers can take.  Well done, Ms Stoddard!  This was a charming debut.

By the way, the cover is very pretty.  So fetching that it's too pretty for my son to be seen with (he's going to middle school for the first time this fall). But attractive in my 7 year old daughter's eyes. In fact, the day I received the book in the mail, she said, “Oooh, so pretty! Can I read this, Mom?” And she did start reading it that day. :)

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