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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Review: When Bob Met Woody: The Story of Young Bob Dylan by Gary Golio

When Bob Met Woody: The Story of Young Bob Dylan by Gary Golio, Marc Burckhardt (Illustrator), YR, 2011, 40p, Hardcover, My Rating=5
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"Hey hey, Woody Guthrie, I wrote you a song..." When Bob finished, Woody's face lit up like the sun. Bob Dylan is a musical icon, an American legend, and, quite simply, a poet. But before he became Bob Dylan, he was Bob Zimmerman, a kid from rural Minnesota. This lyrical and gorgeously illustrated picture book biography follows Bob as he renames himself after his favorite poet, Dylan Thomas, and leaves his mining town to pursue his love of music in New York City. There, he meets his folk music hero and future mentor, Woody Guthrie, changing his life forever.

Beautiful illustrated story of Bob Dylan's youth ...beginnings of his climb to fame. I foresee many children who come across this book would be inspired to live their dream. Dylan fans would certainly treasure this and share with their children.

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