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Friday, February 22, 2013

Brief Reviews: Young Reader Edition

Where on Earth Am I? by S. Moo, YR, 2012, Kindle ebook, 27p, Rating=3
Source: own

This is more of a teaser book since the story continues ..7 books in total.  I understand that there are fun stuff for the kids (coloring book, games, etc) in the printed version but I have the ebook edition so I don't have any of that.  Overall, it's a cute story of a cat finding a home.  The sneak peak to the second book looks interesting. --I'd recommend to cat lovers and to get the print form so that the kids can take advantage of the fun stuff.

There's No Such Thing As Monsters by Michael Yu, YR, 2012, Kindle ebook, 25p, Rating=3.5
Source: own

Bold and bright illustrations, rhythmic flow to the read, and a cute take on the fear of monsters in the dark.  I good book to introduce to toddlers that might help tame the fear of the "boogie man".

Andy and the Angry Dragon by Thomas Yu, YR, 2012, Kindle ebook, 30p, Rating=4
Source: own

A darling story about fantasy, bravery, and empathy.  It was well illustrated and I think an adorable read for toddler boys .. or tomboys.  :)
Brianna the Ballet Fairy by Julia Dweck, YR, 2012, Kindle ebook, 25p, Rating=4
Source: own

A whimsical rhyming tale of a little fairy that ends up learning that a great talent was inside of her all along.  A great self esteem booster for young girls.  The pastel illustrations added the perfect girly-girl touch.  Wonderful book!

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