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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday #3

Oh my, I nearly forgot!  It's been such a busy week and it'll continue to be so.  That in mind, this will have to be quick.  Anyway, I am thankful for friends who are willing to help me out at least minute notice.  See, I needed to find someone to watch my 3 kids while I do a service driving around few young girls who will be doing a fun activity called, "Hearts Attack" ..where they will plaster heart shaped paper/construction on recipient doors letting them know they're loved.  I also needed someone to take my son to violin class.  Yeay, to a couple of friends who filled my desparate appeal!

On a similar note, I had lunch with my BFF earlier this week and how did I get so lucky?!  She knew I've been having trouble with skin care and she wrapped up a complete skin care regimen.  Totally sweet!!

I thank thee Heavenly Father for sending us friends.  Life would suck without them. :)


  1. That's what friends are for. It is nice to know that you have friends that will be there for you


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