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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Anne of Green Gables"

by L. M. Montgomery, YR, 1908, 427p, rating=5

"Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert are in for a big surprise.  They're waiting for an orphan boy to help with the work at Green Gables - but a skinny, red-haired girl turns up instead.  Feisty and full of spirit, Anne Shirley charms her way into the Cuthberts' affection with her vivid imagination and constant chatter.  It's not long before Anne finds herself in trouble, but soon it's impossible to imagine life without her ..." (back cover)
What a delightful book!  Reading this truly made me happy.  Anne's character was a hoot!!  I found myself giggling throughout the book.  Her quirkiness was endearing.  Her view of life was fascinating.  She had the spunk that you can't help but love!  She brought the kid out of me and it felt wonderful.

I loved everything about this book.  The beautiful setting, the phenomenal cast of characters, the storyline, the ease of read, etc.  It also had everything as well ... adventure, fun, laughs, imagination, love story, family, friendship, tragedy, growth, etc.  An overall feel happy book.  Surely, the words went into my head and converted to dopamine.  I was on cloud nine all day!!  It's an awesome feeling. 

By the way, I'm a lucky woman because I know a younger version of Anne in my life.  She lives with me!  My daughter certainly is the life of our household ...never a dull moment here.  ~Haha ... my daughter even kinda looks like this girl on the book cover in braids and big almond eyes ..minus red hair.  Like Anne, she's also smart and lovely at heart.  Oh I love my little girl!!  It's no wonder that I can totally relate to how Marilla and Matthew took a liking to Anne ... I have one too!  :)


  1. So glad you liked this, as it's one of my all-time favourite books :) I related to Anne throughout my childhood, being imaginative and daydreaming all the time.

  2. This book has always been one of my favorites!

  3. Have this book, (although not this new cover) but have yet to read it. Glad you liked it!
    BTW,thanks for the well wishes. I did think of you as I passed Cubao, LOL!

  4. I read an easy version of this story, and also saw the movie. It is very charming and wonderful for young girls. Great review!


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