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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Dream Bigger: Reclaiming a Life of Joy and Ease"

by Julie Wise, non-fiction, 2010, 133p, rating=3.5

"Take a moment to remember daydreaming as a child.  Recall the joy, freedom, and sense of possiblity you felt.  Imagine being able to experience that every day!  You can with Dream BIGGER, Julie Wise's heartfelt and inspriring guide to realizing your deepest desires.  Using her experience as a life and relationship coach, Wise provides personal anecdotes and numberous client examples to create a living, breathing roadmap for those seeking insight and wisdom on their daily path." (back cover)
When I come across self-help books my first thought is gift, asking myself, "Who can I give this to?".  My thinking goes something like this, Well, I'm not sure how to help you but this book might.  ~Especially this book, the author's name is Wise, how can you go wrong? :)

One big thing that I get weary about self-help books is it's approach.  Yes, I picked up the book wanting answers (figuratively speaking of self-help books, this particular book came to me for review for the publisher).  Most likely specific ones to tell me exactly what to do.  But please, Don't tell me what to do!  Yet, on the same token, do tell me what to do but make it seem that I thought of it and that I can conquer it!  Does that make sense?   Anyway, this book actually could do that.  In generic workbook format Ms. Wise tells you what to do.  Mind you, I read this book straight through so I didn't take the time to do the exercises but it was floating in my head and the drills seem rational.  I also appreciated Ms. Wise's openness about her personal life.  At first thought, divorce, suicide thoughts, and seizures would seem not the best thing to see on a life and relationship coach's resume.  But think about it, you're sitting in front of her and she's there!  She overcame.  So she does know a thing or two.  Pretty impressive resume after all!

There were several examples of people who succeeded in their dreams.  Nice stories and they enhanced the fact that dreams can be realized and more importantly those dreams made a difference in the lives of other people.  Just wondering how much of those successes were direct correlation to Ms. Wises's coaching.

I would gift this book.  It's simple, practical, and sensible.  It didn't give the vibe of a high and mighty know-it-all so listen to me life coach.  Put in the correct hands, this book could change one's life for the amazing.

My immediate dream right now is to have a sparkling house!  I think I might come back to the exercises and see where it leads me.  Should my house sparkle in the end, I will change this review to a 5!!  :)

P.S.  I do like the exercise to have a journal where you write down your moments of success at the end of each day (as simple as, I read to my kids today) ... I think of it as a form of a thank you journal.  Awesome!  I'm going to start this tonight.

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