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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: The Road to Grace by Richard Paul Evans

The Road to Grace (The Walk #3) by Richard Paul Evans, AF, 2012, Hardcover, 256p, Rating=4
Source: library
Join one of America’s beloved storytellers on a walk like no other: one man’s unrelenting search for hope. Reeling from the sudden loss of his wife, his home, and his business, Alan Christoffersen, a once-successful advertising executive, has left everything he knew behind and set off on an extraordinary cross-country journey. Carrying only a backpack, he is walking from Seattle to Key West, the farthest destination on his map.

Now almost halfway through his trek, Alan sets out to walk the nearly 1,000 miles between South Dakota and St. Louis, but it’s the people he meets along the way who give the journey its true meaning: a mysterious woman who follows Alan’s walk for close to a hundred miles, the ghost hunter searching graveyards for his wife, and the elderly Polish man who gives Alan a ride and shares a story that Alan will never forget.

Full of hard-won wisdom and truth, The Road to Grace is a compelling and inspiring novel about hope, healing, grace, and the meaning of life. (Goodreads)

I've come to run to RPE books for tug-at-the-heart reads.  Certainly this series has been delivering that.  This installment contained the classic Evans thought provoking phrases and stab-the-heart mini stories.  The story moved along the almost tail end of this Seattle to Florida cross country walk, Alan is in South Dakota now.  Stopping at places of interest and meeting interesting people along the way.  Meeting Leszek, the Polish man, did it in and made the book for me.  He could be a "poster man" for forgiveness.  I cried deeply. 

Whoa, what a twist in the end.  A definite cliffhanger.  Can't wait for book four coming this Spring!

FYI, a generalized review of the previous books in the series were mentioned in this book so this sequel can be read as a stand alone.


  1. You can count on Evans to write stories that tug at your heart strings. I've been reading this series too and enjoying it. It's got such a different pace from most of the books I read.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Aimee! I like this kind of pace. RPE is definitely my go-to author.

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