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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday #2

This week I'm thankful for full time missionaries (young adult men and women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints called to officially share the gospel around the world at their own expense for 1.5 - 2yrs).  We had a couple of them over for lunch this week and this time it was a little different.  Usually, we have a meal, have a get to know each other conversation, and then they offer a brief scriptural message.  This set of Elder missionaries went beyond (the turnover of different missionaries over time is moderately high so we get to meet a lot of new ones).  We talked extensively about scripture and I was given "study homework" ... they wrote down questions and provided scripture chapters where I would find the answers.  They also gave me a harvest blessing and because I was at a spiritual struggle, they gave me a personal blessing as well.

I didn't really know what a harvest blessing was ..or better yet, I now know the terminology of such a blessing.  We all knelt in prayer, one of the missionaries offered the prayer for my home and those in it for what we stood in need.  It was like what I pictured of olden biblical times where called men of God would go to proselyte, be invited to a home, and he'd leave the home giving a blessing.  That was what happened and wow, I felt wonderful!  Then I got even more emotional and they asked if I would like a special blessing, just for me.  Hey, I could use all the blessings I can get so I said yes.  There they laid their hands upon my head and offered me a very personal invocation for divine care.  Sacred moment.  My heart was full.

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  1. What a neat experience! I've never heard of a harvest blessing, either, and it sounds wonderful!


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