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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Blue Sky by Melissa Lemon

Blue Sky by Melissa Lemon, YA, 2013, ebook, 324p
Source:  provided by author in exchange for an honest review (thanks Ms. Lemon!)

Sunny is bereaving the sudden death of her parents. Lewis is a homeless runaway seeking shelter in Sunny's basement from an early winter storm. When they unexpectedly meet, Sunny wants nothing more than to kill him. After a bizarre hostage situation and a poker game, Sunny realizes that Lewis isn't out to hurt her. Their initial distaste turns to friendship and love, but Sunny isn't keen on starting a relationship with a man she knows so little about. Lewis is loyal, and his patience paramount. Sunny is hesitant but her love runs deep and true. They are separated unwillingly, and must struggle and face overwhelming odds to find each other again.

**Mild Spoiler Alert**

This was a bewitchingly zany read.  What does that mean?  Well, most of the storyline was reckless or down right bizarre but oddly entertaining.  See, I couldn't wrap my head around Sunny's (protagonist) position to roommate a complete stranger (Lewis) that broke into her home, regardless of how nice or cute he was.  As much as the story explained the dynamics of their background and situation that would seem to make this alright, the red flag was waving frantically in my head ... Hello!  Single woman succumbs to welcome a stranger (one who broke in, no less) to roam freely in her home!  That's just not sensible, Miss Sunny.  But pass that, the love story that blossoms between Sunny and Lewis was the most pleasant read, that is from Lewis's end.  I liked Lewis, his actions made sense and frankly his character was charming.  Granted, Sunny was going through a very traumatic circumstance so she had reason to be "off", but boy did I want to smack her a few times! She was using that excuse to cloud good things in her life, hence the last third of the book became a bit distressing to read.  Just when she gets her senses on track, more outlandish things happen that got me saying, "You got to be kidding!"  But overall, it was the pulling for the love story to work that got me through this book.  It wasn't a knock out ending but the craziness of the entire story just might have been what will make this quite memorable read for me.

Other aspects of the book that merit mentioning are that it had many funny moments and secondary characters, namely Meg (Sunny's best friend) and Jack (one of Lewis's brothers), that riled me up ..for opposite reasons.  It was nice to giggle here and there and also behold that Sunny and Lewis had support systems.

By the way, don't get me wrong.  Sunny had a strong head (and punch) on her shoulders and did contemplate the living arrangement.  She actually didn't have much choice since they were stranded due to the blizzard, so she wouldn't very well let Lewis freeze to death in the snow.  It was just me that couldn't accept such surrender, says a wife of a correctional officer.  ;)


  1. Bizarre but entertaining seems like it worked for the most part. Thanks for the review because I haven't heard of this one.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. --You're welcome Ms. Lemon.

    --Yes, Brandi it worked. You're welcome.


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