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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday #6

I nearly forgot about this.  Well, this week I'm grateful for eye glasses.  I'm near sighted and need corrective lenses to see well.  This weekend I put on my contact lenses and two days later I took them off and shortly thereafter I was rubbing my left eye like crazy.  I go to look in the mirror and wow, the surface of my left eye ballooned!  So I washed my hands and eyes.  I went to bed early (8pm) to sleep it off and planned to see my doctor the following morning.  My doc squeezed me in the next day and he prescribed antibiotic eye drops and told me to hold off wearing contact lenses for the next several days and use my glasses.  Thus, my gratitude for my eye glasses.  They may not be my ideal go to look but it's hard to get an eye infection from them!  Plus, they're really great at correcting my vision and thankful that such a device was invented.  Hurray for corrective lenses!!

Oh, my eye's alright now.  It didn't affect my vision for the bad and no more irritation.

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  1. I also love my contacts but am so glad for my glasses! Great post. Thanks for visiting me yesterday and for the follow. Following back! I'm looking forward to getting to know you.


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