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Friday, April 9, 2010

"Mission: Success"

by Og Mandino, 1987, 163p, rating=3.75

Another inspirational book from Mr. Mandino. This time drawing on his experiences as an Air Force officer. He manages to tell a rags to riches story that is fun to read and a message to boot! Through the cute relationship between an old lady and a young man (set in England during World War II), he was able to tie together and conclude with the "seeds of success" ... daily positive thinking phrases to instill in ones mind. My guess is that if one tells himself these things everyday, he would be able to brainwash himself to believe them and thus live each day in fulfillment. I especially like the concept of "friends in high places".

This book is a quick and entertaining way of inspiring one to be a positive thinker. I would recommend this to someone who wants a good uplift.

**My quotables:
"Successful people do the things that failures are afraid to tackle." pg 37
"Faith. It's the strongest armor a human can wear." pg. 87
"Success is not a journey, but a destination..." pg 97

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