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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Olive Kitteridge"

by Elizabeth Strout, 2008, 270p, rating=N/A

This book was too complicated for me! Too many stories of strange people. Somehow old lady Olive Kitteridge (main character) has been in these people's lives for one reason or another. What impact did she have on them? What would be of the town Crosby, Maine without her? What insights into the human condition did she discover from these people? These are the questions that were probably answered had I finished the book but I managed to only read about half way through the book. I figured that there were just going to be more different characters and their stories and I was tired! This book just received me in an unfortunate time. I found it dragging. I don't doubt this is a masterpiece to someone willing to be engrossed in the adventures in this book, but it's just not me!

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