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Sunday, April 11, 2010


by David Malouf, 2009, 219p, rating=4

I didn't find this book as engaging as it deserves to be. This was the type of book that I needed a dictionary. I didn't stop to look the words up so clearly I missed a lot!! The author is also a poet so I'm sure this had some poetry style in it so that added to my lost state for I don't follow poetry well! Hence, I'm not one of those woman who could be wooed by a man who quotes me poetry because I won't understand it ... haha!! I know, sad...really sad. Although I found it hard to read, I rated it high because I don't want a good reader to miss checking out this book due to my poor rating, plus I really did like the story! Otherwise, I would rate this as a 3. Anyway, for those of you who read and like Homer's The Iliad and into the Trojan war era then this is the book for you!

I did manage to catch the story line of a king (Priam) who humbly ventures to ransom his slained son's (Hector) body from his killer (Achilles). Riding off not in a grand kingly manner but simply in a couple of mules. To plea not as a king but as a father. Achilles finds empathy towards the aging Priam (he reminds him of his father) and gives Hector to him. To me, perhaps this brings hope to some sort of foreshadowing of peace and end to come out of this war time. Good story. Maybe one day when I've shaped to be a seasoned reader, I may read this book again and really rate it excellent or better!

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