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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just when I think ...

... that I can catch up on my blogging, something else keeps me busy.  There's just endless chores, errands, events, etc.  I really need a Calgon take me away moment ... sigh.

But my favorite "busy-ness" this week was getting a chance to visit my new great-niece!  Born Mother's Day eve.  Weighing in at 5.6lbs and 17.75 inches long. 

Meet little miss Madeleine Grace ...

She's such a sweetheart.  I love her so.  Now, I've got the baby fever!!  Too bad I've been fixed. :(

Tomorrow I will have my niece's two boys so that she can have a little rest.  I'm looking forward to those two munchkins.  They're right along the same-ish ages with my two youngest so my kids play well with them.  It's going to be a fuuuun day!!!

My books for review is starting to pile up.  I might have to combine them and just do brief reviews.  I'll try to squeeze something in soon.  ~Goodnight.


  1. Awww, little Madeline is precious, so pretty, so innocent. I loooove little babies. Enjoy these moments!

  2. You're beautiful Madeleine Grace (just like your name)! Welcome to the world.

  3. Awww, thanks everyone!

    I got to see her again today and boy oh boy, holding her in my arms brought back such warm feelings. Babies truly are blessings.


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