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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I'm Blogging From A to Z Challenge, Are You?

Talk about cutting it close!  I finally decided on a theme for this challenge.  I had a year to prepare for it but of course I had to procrastinate.  Now I've provided myself a stressful April.  Oh well, it'll truly be a challenge since I don't have pre-posts done.  Like last year I'll be flying through this thing by the seat of my pants!!

For those of you who may not know about this challenge.  Well, it's an invitation to bloggers to post everyday except on Sundays for the month of April thematically (or not) from A to Z (4/1=A, 4/2=B, 4/3=C, etc.).  Go HERE to learn more and sign-up.  If you sign-up, let me know so I'd be sure to stop by ..there are over 1600 participants so I want to make sure I catch yours.

Oh, so what is my theme?  Well, I was looking through my Goodreads bookshelf that I've read that still needs to be reviewed and ran across Riordan's The Lightning Thief.  It gave me pause and got me thinking about Greek Mythology.  I can't say I recall learning much at school about it so here's my opportunity to gain some knowledge on the subject.  Hence, my theme will be Greek Mythology.  Wish me luck!!

See you Monday! 


  1. Replies
    1. It sounds interesting and hopefully fun ..we'll see. :)

  2. Looking forward to reading your posts :) I have a very, very limited base on your subject, so I'm sure I'll be learning plenty over the month.

    I forgot about this challenge, yet again. But that's probably for the better because April is looking to be quite a busy month for me.

    Hope you have fun, and good luck!

    1. Thanks! I'm fairly clueless too so this should be quite an adventure! --Maybe next year then?

  3. I think it was 5th grade when one of our reading units was all about greek mythology, and I loved it! I later took a class on greek and roman mythology in college, and struggled a bit more. It might have been the higher reading level and length of the stories, or it might have been that I had just gotten engaged to be married and was pretty distracted. Anyway, I look forward to re-learning by following your posts!

    1. Since I'm doing this by the seat of my pants ..please don't expect thorough research or Child Protective Services will take my children away from me for neglect! --Sounds like combo of higher level and the joy of engagement time though I'd guess?

  4. Wow, that's some number of bloggers participating. Good luck with the challenge.

  5. This is going to be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. And no, I'm not doing it this year. I have too much on my plate with writing, but I'm excited to follow what everyone else is doing. Good luck.
    PS: A blessed Easter to you and your family

  6. Glad you're joining in the fun. Your theme should be.....challenging? Have a great April and thanks for telling others.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  7. Very cool - I will (re)learn Greek Mythology with you! Looking forward to this. Have fun!

  8. What a great idea! And I love that you are using the challenge to learn something new. I hope you have fun!

  9. Hello!

    I gave your blog a follow this evening! I find your theme just down right fascinating! I'm participating in the challenge this year, too. It's my first time!

    Good luck!


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