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Monday, March 25, 2013

Reviews: How To Draw by Amit Offir

How To Draw ... by Amit Offir, YR, 2013, Kindle edition ebooks, 32p each (lesser for Forest Fairies), Rating=3
Source: own

"everybody can draw and now you can too!
a unique technique that will give you great drawing tools and lead you to success.
recommended for age 6 and all ages (for adults that want how to draw easily also)
the author and illustrator Amit Offir teaches you to draw and succeed in a short time even if you don't know how to draw at all!"

I got these How To Draw ebooks by Amit Offir when they were free.  My 10yo likes to draw and thought he'd get a kick out of these (the "forest fairies" one was for my daughter).  They were fairly simple steps illustrated in segments of progression ..oddly enough read from right to left (oppose to the normal left to right), except for Forest Fairies.  The illustrated segment progression where in black outlines and the end product colored in.  My son was able to follow the steps and some turned out quite well and some frustrated him or wasn't interested in.

Virtually all the drawings were quite intricate ..most specifically the forest fairy (btw, that book only had very few items to draw) but doable with patience. 

Currently $1.99 each (many others to choose from as well)


  1. Those look like perfect birthday presents!

    1. Great idea! Duh,why didn't I think of that?

  2. I was really happy to see that you have written about my books.

    keep on drawing whether you are kids or adults

    best regards
    Amit Offir / the author


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