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Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally by Jeffrey A. Landers

Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally by Jeffrey A. Landers, NF, 2012, Paperback, 205p, Rating=4.5
Source: provided by author in exchange for my honest review

Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster. And if you're a woman going through a divorce, you may not be thinking about financial matters, such as how your assets might get divided, tax liabilities, and what your living expenses might be ten years from now.
But, here's the problem: the decisions you make both before and during your divorce will directly impact the rest of your life, for better or for worse.
Thinking financially is not always easy. But, it is possible, especially if you have some help. Anyone, no matter how savvy, can benefit from expert advice when she is crossing through treacherous and unfamiliar territory. In this guidebook, you will learn how to . . .
-Shore up your financial position so you enter the divorce process prepared;
-Build a top-notch divorce team;
-Negotiate alimony;
-Determine if your husband is hiding assets;
-Protect your business, intellectual property, and personal assets;
-Deal with pensions plans, 401Ks, and other retirement accounts;
- . . and much more.
Begin your single life knowing that you have made the thoughtful decisions required to help establish your long-term financial security. Think Financially, Not Emotionally® as you look ahead to a bright future for yourself and your children.

I don't see divorce in my future but that's probably how it was for most divorced people. It's just not the goal of marriage. But it happens and this book had concise information and suggestions on how a woman can be an advocate for her financial wellbeing should she come to that bridge by arming herself with a proper legal team. The author illustrated the American legal system in regards to the world of divorce, the manipulations that may arise in the process, and options that are important to recognize. He emphasized that thinking financially, not emotionally should be the mindset throughout the course including before marriage as well as looking ahead after the dissolution.

This was well outlined and therefore flowed well. I like the "Reminder", "Hot Tip", and "Legal Matters" after each chapter, although it opened up for repetition.  That irked me a bit yet in another light, it served as emphasis.  Moreover, the checklist in the end was a nice touch.  Overall, this book kept my attention and I came out of the read equipped with a wealth of constructive data about some key legal aspects of divorce. I frequently found myself cry out in my thoughts, “That’s good to know!”.  Also, that it was "good to know" even if the reader isn’t going through a divorce. The old adage of knowledge is power can surely apply here, hence this is an excellent reference book. 

Well done, Mr. Landers! Thank you for sharing your expertise.  I pray never to walk to your office for your services though. :)

Jeffrey A. Landers holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Columbia University and studied law at Pace University School of Law before joining Wells Fargo Advisors, where he began his divorce practice helping women undergoing financially complex divorces. Backed by more than three decades of financial experience and an education in law, he went on to earn the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts’ designation as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and underwent significant additional advanced training in divorce finance before founding Bedrock Divorce Advisors in early 2010. Jeff writes the weekly “Divorce Dollars and Sense” blog for and has authored multiple articles on divorce for The Huffington Post, The New York Post,, and others. He has also served on the advisory board of Enterprising Women, a magazine devoted to women business owners. Jeff holds the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® (CRPC) designation and is the founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors’ sister firm, Bedrock Wealth Management, LLC, which provides post-divorce retirement planning, asset protection, investment services, insurance, college savings, and more with the goal of making each woman’s divorce settlement last as long as possible while helping her achieve her personal goals. Jeff enjoys running marathons, studying Kung-Fu, and spending time with his wife of 29 years and two daughters.

Fifty percent of all profits from the sale of each book will be donated to the Bedrock Divorce Fund for Abused Women, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity whose mission is to help female victims of domestic abuse and the organizations that support them.


  1. Oh my goodness. surely to think Financially, Not Emotionally would be easier said than done at such a time. yet again, it amazes me how quickly love can turn into hate, the need for revenge to become all consuming.

  2. Wow! Great book! I am glad I found this resource. Divorce is never fun, and almost always painful. A really great book that helped me get through some hard times is the book, "Ring EXchange - Adventures of a Multiple Marrier" by author Pam Evans. The author reveals that her many treks ”down the aisle” were part of a ”long and winding road” with learned lessons and wisdom to pass along to others. It is a heartwarming book that really touched my heart.


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